Founded in 2016, Thai-Sunseap, Co., Ltd. is an active leader in Thailand for the investment in, and development of, renewable solar energy projects.  As the energy requirements for the country expand and change, we are at the cutting edge of this movement, looking for new ways to bring affordable solar energy to Thailand.  Today, we actively pursue new solar developments, projects and business models that we feel can potentially help satisfy the quickly growing energy needs of companies and customers in Thailand.

This joint venture forms the Thai arm of Sunseap Group of Singapore.  Today, Sunseap is the leading solar developer and energy retailer in Singapore

Sunseap Leasing was incorporated in 2011 to provide rooftop solar solutions to the masses. 2015 saw the inception of Sunseap Energy, the latest addition to Sunseap Group, making waves when it announced in November ’15 that it will be providing tech giant – Apple’s operations in Singapore with 100% clean electricity, a first in South East Asia. Sunseap’s second business unit, Sunseap International is responsible for the group’s activities beyond Singapore. Outside of Singapore, Sunseap has offices and operations in Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Malaysia and Australia.