Teppratarn Karnrae Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 1972, Tappratarn Karnrae Co. Ltd. is the leading pioneer in Thailand for the mining and processing of dolomite, feldspar, and silica sand.  With a deep understanding of the essential needs for Thailand’s expanding glass and ceramics industry, we have successfully focused on the importance of locally sourcing, thus helping the industry avoid exorbitantly higher prices for minerals that were previously sourced from overseas.  Today, with multiple mines and processing mills, as well as sand washing plants throughout the country, we are the leader in supplying these essential minerals to the industry.

We maintain a strong hold atop the marketplace as our highly skilled engineers continue to explore and obtain new mineral sources throughout the country.  As always, the highest production standards of Tappratarn Karnrae are maintained in all new developments to ensure that our clients have access to the highest quality supply of minerals to meet their production needs.  

Our constant focus on two key strengths allows us to effectively provide stability and minimize risk of supply for our clients.  

  1. Consistent Quality of Product:We continuously verify the quality standards of our product.  Our longstanding expertise, coupled with full control over all steps of the supply process (including mining, production and lab services) helps to ensure this standard.
  2. Stable Supply:As standard business practice, we place significant investment in keeping large amounts of reserve inventory.  This ensures a long-term supply to satisfy the demand of our clients in both standard and emergency situations.  We also ensure cost-effective and timely delivery of our product via a wide distribution network.

Source of minerals:

  • Ban Kha, Ratchaburi Province:Feldspar source
  • Pak Praek, Kanchanaburi Province:Dolomite source
  • Wang Prachop, Wang Chan, Pong Daeng, Namrum, Thung Kracho, Tak Province: Feldspar source
  • Tako, Chumphon Province:Silica sand source
  • Pak Phraek, Surat Thani Province: Silica sand source

Production sites:

  • Nakhon Pathom Plant:Established in 1972 for the production of potassium fFeldspar and sodium feldspar.  197  Petchkasaem Rd.,  Phra Prathon Sub-District, Mueang Nakhon Pathom District map
  • Kanchanaburi Plant: Established in 1991 for the production of dolomite.
70 Moo2  Pak Praek Sub-District, Mueang Kanchanaburi District map
  • Tak Plant: Established in 1979 for the production of sodium feldspar.
6  Wang Prachop Sub-District, Mueang Tak District map
  • Ratchaburi Plant: Established in 2006 for the production of sodium feldspar.
46/1  Moo7  Ban Kha Sub-District, Ban Kha District map