Don Muang Tollway Public Co., Ltd.

Don Muang Tollway PLC is the sole provider of tollway transport services for the section of Din Daeng – Anusornsathan.  As the operator of the Don Muang Tollway, the company provides a toll road for the people to travel through Bangkok Metropolis and its northern vicinity.  With a total distance of 22 km, the tollway is an alternative for travel along Vipavadee Rangsit Road (at grade road) and serves as the main road that connects the city to the Upper Central region, Northern region and Northeastern region of the country.  The tollway service is operated under the auspices of the Tollway Concession Agreement in Respect of the Highway No. 31, Viphavadi – Rangsit Road, Din Daeng – Don Muang Section.  This agreement with the Department of Highways allows Don Muang Tollway PLC to provide services until September 11, 2034.  This tollway is managed as a BTO (Build-Transfer-Operate) entity; the Company designed and built the tollway with its own funds, and was subsequently awarded the concession right to manage the tollway (including toll collection, traffic management and rescue work), while the ownership of the property has been transferred to the Department of Highways.