Attanee International Co., Ltd.

Established in 1984, Attanee International Co., Ltd. is the first plant in Thailand that mines and produces feldspar and quartz using the floatation process.  The result is an exceptionally pure end-product that is highly sought after by both the glass and ceramics industry.  Meeting the highest international standards and ISO 9001:2008 certified, we strive to supply high quality raw minerals consistently to the marketplace.  Today, we are the market leader in minerals floatation production supplying over 10,000 metric tons of feldspar per annum.  With three mineral sources in Tak Province, we have secured sufficient reserves to supply our operations for many years to come.  Needless to say, our team also continues to explore new sources throughout the country.

We also place significant emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  In 2012, our plant received the “Green Plant Award”, as well as being certified for meeting the standard for corporate social responsibility from the Department of Primary Industries and Mines (CSR-DPIM).  We also give back to the community through support of programs such as local reforestation and water storage, as well as establishing an education grant for children of limited means.

With constant focus on our key strengths, we have been able to consistently provide value to our clients.

  1. Highest purity of product: The flotation process is a versatile method for removing mica, iron-baring impurities, and quartz.  Using a safe chemical treatment, impurities are effectively removed, resulting in high purity feldspar (with low iron levels) that meets stringent market specifications.  As an added benefit, the residual product from this process is high grade quartz that is also desired in the marketplace.
  2. Stable supply: We understand the importance of sercuring long-term supply for our clients, and emphasize the importance of maintaining high levels of reserve inventory at all times.  We also ensure cost-effective, timely delivery of our product via a wide distribution network.

Source of minerals:

  • Thung Kracho Sub-District, Ban Tak District

Production sites: