Bangkok Crystal Co., Ltd.

Originally established in 1994, Bangkok Crystal Co., Ltd. manufactures high quality glass blocks under the brand name CHANG KAEW.  In 2004, the company was fully acquired by Weng Group, and today, production capacity has expanded to 13 million glass blocks per year, supplying to customers both domestically and internationally.       

Glass blocks are a popular and useful design choice with many practical advantages.  They are most suitable for areas which require natural light without sacrificing privacy.  They also act as insulation for heat and noise.  Additionally, they are proven to be more resistant to natural causes of damage than any comparable material, including concrete walls.

Through the combination of maintaining the highest standards in production technology, sourcing selective raw materials and employing the most skillful engineers, we strive for the best quality of products.   Utilzing afully-automated manufacturing system from Germany, ensuring consistent shape and quality over each batch of production, our glass blocks are manufactured with the latest technology.  Our production technology is designed to comply with the “Reuse, Reduce, & Recycle” concept to assure that the best quality product is accomplished with the least possible impact to the environment, and today, all our products are manufactured under the Thai Industrial Product Standard, TIS 1395-2554.  

  Our products include:

  • 190 x 190 x 80 mm. glass blocks
  • 190 x 190 x 100 mm. glass blocks
  • Decorative glass blocks such as colored blocks and stain glass blocks
  • Glass block flooring frame installation systems