Thai Public Port Co., Ltd.

Thai Public Port Co., Ltd. – formerly known as Si-Chang Thong Terminal – was established in 1989 and acquired by Weng Group in 2003.  Located at the Si-Chang Deep Sea Port, we operate a petroleum marine terminal and tank farm under the promotion of the Board of Investment (BOI).

Si-Chang Island is situated in the Gulf of Thailand.  Its proximity to Bangkok, along with its inshore water depth of up to 18 meters, has made it a convenient and effective anchorage for large vessels.  Petroleum can be stored and later transferred into feeder vessels that service shallow water ports throughout Thailand.

Thai Public Port holds the following licenses:

License to conduct deep sea port business from the Ministry of Transport

Free zone license from the Thai Customs Department

Free zone license from the Thai Excise Department

Statement of compliance of a port facility from the Marine Department

Our services facilities include:

  • Marine dock: The terminal provides pipelines access to 4 berths, 2 of which are capable of handling vessels ranging from 3,000 to 100,000 DWT and 2 smaller berths capable of handling vessels from 1,000 to 5,000 DWT.  The berths are provided with a fire pump platform and hydraulically operated loading arms to facilitate transfer to our tank farm.
  • Tank farm:  The petroleum storage area consists of 14 tanks with a total capacity of 326,095 cubic meters or 2.05 million barrels.

Number of tanks

Tank roof Capacity/tank (Barrels) Capacity/tank(m3)













4 Floating 23,300


Today, our land property holdings around the terminal also allow for considerable expansion.  As part of our growth strategy, we continue to evaluate new opportunities, as well as invest in customizing and upgrading our existing facilities, to effectively serve our clients.