NEST Ventures Ltd.

Founded in 2015, NEST Ventures Ltd. is an active leader in Thailand for the investment in, and development of, renewable solar energy projects.  As the energy requirements for the country expand and change, we are at the cutting edge of this movement, looking for new ways to bring affordable solar energy to Thailand.  Today, we actively pursue new solar developments, projects and business models that we feel can potentially help satisfy the quickly growing energy needs of companies and customers in Thailand.

Recently, along with our new partner, Westinghouse Solar Thailand, we have focused on developing, constructing, operating and managing roof-mounted photovoltaic systems for generating electrical power.

Westinghouse Solar is a proven solar project developer with a solid track record of 80 MW of solar energy projects completed across 11 countries, in roles ranging from engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”), to project developer and project owner.  Westinghouse Solar Thailand is a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian Environmental Engineering Group (EEG).