Siam City Insurance Public Co., Ltd.

Siam City Insurance Plc. (formerly known as Maenam Warehouse Insurance Co., Ltd.) was established in 1948.  In 1994, Siam City Bank Plc. became the major shareholder in the company and changed the name to the one we see today.

For over half a century, Siam City Insurance Plc. has been offering general insurance such as fire insurance, marine insurance, motor insurance, property insurance, liability insurance, engineering insurance and personal insurance (including travel accident insurance, personal accident insurance, golfer’s insurance and health insurance).  

After the merger of Siam City Bank with Thanachart Bank Plc. in 2010, the Weng Group, alongside the Panichewa Group, acquired Siam City Insurance shares from Thanachart Bank, and raised significant capital to support the business.  Today, Siam City Insurance Plc. continues to expand with an eye towards the general consumer.